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The following publications can be purchased directly from the Centre. Please click here to view description in full.

Understanding Children's Mathematics Graphics;


"Elizabeth Carruthers and Maulfry Worthington have been widely recognised for their work in young children's early mathematical development for many years and this book is a marvellous testament to their enthusiasm and expertise regarding this area of enquiry. The book is scholarly, contains the most delightful array of examples of young children's mathematical drawings, and will inspire many researchers and practitioners to look again at how they think about this aspect of children's learning. A real treat" (David WhitebreadUniversity of Cambridge, UK).

Developing Children's Mathematical Graphics;


Elizabeth Carruthers and Maulfry Worthington challenge the traditional beliefs and practices of teaching 'written' mathematics in early childhood. They look at the power of children's own marks, symbols and other graphical representations to convey meanings, exploring how they support complex thinking. The authors explore the relationship between children's play and meaning making. Rather than viewing mathematics as a separate subject or as a set of basic 'skills' to be transmitted, they demonstrate that in supportive learning cultures children develop their own mathematical thinking to solve problems.