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Bristol in Bloom

We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded a `Gold Medal` in the Bristol in Bloom's School Garden competition `Learning Through Gardening`


Judges Comments: This School is an excellent example of embracing the ethos of `Learning Through Gardening` giving young children a terrific start in life.  In an area that is built up and where most of the children do not have access to a private outside space this is a little haven.  Whilst there is not a lot of growing space at the school, Windmill Hill City Fram is where they have their allotment and the children are taken there regularly.  The children are encouraged to touch and experience the raw produce and so learn exactly where their food comes from.  Record keeping is also very impressive, not only with children's personal diaries, but also with general albums showing their activities throughout the year.

The incredible enthusiasm of the Head Teacher and staff is reflected in the commitment and involvement of the parents; some of whom remain involved even when their children have moved on. Children and parents alike can experience nature in a way that some of them had not done so before, and with a varied demographic, a very good community spitit has evolved around the school.