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COVID-19 Update - Letter to parents from Head Teacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

Although we have been open for ALL our children during this week, it is with a very heavy heart that we at Redcliffe Nursery School have made the decision to reduce the number of children attending the nursery from Monday 11th January. This is due to a number of constantly shifting factors:

  • We have a few members of staff who are having to shield
  • We have several members of staff who have medical conditions, that are feeling increasing anxiety
  • Capacity of staff who have their own child care issues
  • We want to reduce the risk of the spread of the virus across our local community
  • There is a rapid increase in the number of cases across Bristol, doubling in the last week
  • Closure of all other 11 Nursery schools, in Bristol, other than for critical workers, vulnerable children and those with special educational needs.

We have worked extremely hard to be in a position to be able to offer places to ALL our critical workers children, children with SEND and for children from complex situations. You will be contacted by Shirley, individually, with the days and times that we can offer you, if you are eligible.

We will be maintaining weekly contact with all of our families via telephone calls from our key workers. Stories, songs and ideas for families to support home learning will be sent via e-mail, our website, and social media sites.

There will also be the possibility to increase the size of our bubbles, if any of families find that they are overwhelmed and struggling. Although we won’t be able to guarantee these places. These few additional places, would be flagged to senior leadership by key person referrals and allocated by priority. We feel fortunate that we may be able to offer a degree of flexibility to be able to react to our families’ urgent needs.

It is our intention to re-open to ALL children on Monday 22nd February after the half term break.

I sincerely hope that you will be supportive of this decision and be understanding that it has not been taken lightly or without a great depth of thought and consideration of the impact that this will have on our children and families.


Yours sincerely

Jeanette Hill

Head Teacher