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Research at Redcliffe

At Redcliffe Nursery School and Children's Centre, research is the cornerstone of our developing practice. It is the backbone of our vision, and for us, throughout the years, researching our own practice, analysing and going in depth has advanced the way we think about children and their thinking. It has also helped us work more ethically with parents and pilot ideas that are innovative and ground breaking. All of our staff are engaged in research at different levels. We have demystified research and discovered the richness of insider research. Most, although not all, of our research methods are based on ethnography.  

Most importantly we provide spaces for staff to have time to think and reflect. Advancement of our field of early childhood cannot be made if there is no time for contemplation to focus on our research questions.

Our research is organic and can take many pathways this gives us freedom to try new thinking and ways of  working. It is important that our staff own their research, their thoughts and thinking.  






Below is a diagram to show how the research/practice and research literature lead to new ideas and change of practice

Research at Redcliffe






Dissertation - In the Middle of Things: Children and their Encounters with More-Than-Human Forest Worlds

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