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Play, Discover, Belong

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Vision & Values

Our Vision Statement:

At Redcliffe Nursery School we inspire, innovate, challenge and expand horizons for children, parents, staff and visitors.

Our Values:


Our Community is Unique

We embrace, value and respect each person, family and culture within it, creating a sense of trust and belonging. We recognise the importance and value of the knowledge that children bring and the role that the home environment plays in the child’s learning journey. We strive to offer an integrated service to empower families.


“We went to the Aerospace Museum and saw aeroplanes, I’m talking about Concorde!” Flo – Green group

A Parents voice…

“I couldn’t be happier with Redcliffe Nursery School and my son loves going. If I ask what he wants to do today, its always “go to my school”. The facilities, activities, especially the forest visits are amazing.  His key worker is fabulous and has developed a strong bond with him. My younger daughter cries when we leave after dropping my son off in the morning. I can’t wait for her to start in September! The Centre is loved by the whole family!



Children’s Rights are Celebrated

Nurturing relationships, actively listening and providing authentic, expansive opportunities to play.



“The best thing I’ve done at Nursery is play.” Millie – Green group

A Visitors Voice…

Redcliffe Nursery School provides, supports, meets needs and gives freedom for all the children who attend this special setting”




Teaching and Learning occurs in Democratic Learning Spaces

Encouraged in open dialogue, with sensitive, responsive interactions, enabling progression with an individualised approach.


Observing a child with tailored support…


Glory; lay in the hammock cuddling Hattie as they gently swayed back and forth. The sensation of swaying helped Glory to feel peaceful and he soon fell asleep. This relaxing time with a familiar adult helped him to feel secure and prepared him to play again. After Glory recharged, he climbed out of the hammock and calmly began interacting with Hattie, alongside the other children.


Skills for Life and Respect for our Planet

Enabled through resilience, persistence and problem solving with real world experiences within our urban community, the natural world and through our wild forest adventures.


“We are going to the forest on the minibus after lunch. We need to wear wellie boots so we can jump in muddy puddles and go splash, splash, splash. Climbing on the trees makes me happy.”  Vaie’e – Yellow group



Research Upholds and Reinforces our Values

Welcoming the perspectives of others and enjoying open exchange of ideas to continue to deepen our thinking and develop our vision.


Staff Voice…

 “Being given the opportunity to participate in reflective research has deepened my professional knowledge, inspired me to read what others have discovered and improve my current best practice.” Key Worker


“Completing my Masters degree has taken my thinking to an entirely different level, opened up my mind and enabled me to embrace the work of others. To challenge and innovate those around me, ultimately influencing professional practice.” Senior Leader